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Tween Clothing Creative Direction

Updated: May 26, 2018

Triple Flip is a tween clothing brand looking to make an impact by promoting positive body image in young girls. We had two different target markets; one is the girl, the other is the mother. I focused on coming up with a marketing strategy that would meet the girls where they were (Instagram and Snapchat) and the mother's on Facebook, email, coupons and other promotional materials.

Below is a brief glimpse into design, social, strategy, UX strategy, integrated marketing, art direction and creative design from concept to completion by yours truly.

The website was built with Triple Flips existing software called Magento. The company was difficult to work with, had many restrictions and I will most likely never use them again.

Over all Triple Flip has been such a fun brand to work on. Seeing engagement from the tween market increase substantially since creating solid goals and incorporating a streamlined strategy.

I worked closely with their in-house photographer (Shannon Hilton) and art directed photoshoots with real tween girls, who mostly have never been in front of a camera before.

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