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Falkbuilt Branding

Falkbuilt Logo

Website Design

Concepting a website prior to any products being available and helping direct the company to make a splash in the online world. Falkbuilt is a construction company with a digital software based platform to revolutionize the industry. The website needed to showcase the solutions in a 3 dimensional, innovative way.

This website won an award for best web design from Digital Alberta.

Digital Assets

With a global pandemic going on, we quickly shifted gears to 100% digital assets. This included brand design template creation on my part so a team of people could implement it into tech sheets, training guides, proposals and investor presentations.

Swag Design, Sourcing, Sale Through Website

This is only just a taste of the years of swag I helped create for multiple events, trainings, presentations, conferences. I worked directly with vendors to create, source and quality check the merchandise. I even took a trip directly to China to make relationships, take factory tours and select top quality products that would represent our brand. I created a swag e-commerce website where all were available for purchase as well.


Video quickly became our top preforming medium. I was thrown in the deep end by concepting, filming, editing on a Monday and having to work with a little magic and pixie dust to launch new product videos such as the one you see below, in real time... this was often hours (not days or even weeks).

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