Who's da girl?

Who's da girl?

This would be me!  


Hi, I'm Raelee Fedyna and I'm a creative entrepreneur that truly has a passion for helping others design, launch, and grow their businesses.


Oh, you'd like to get more personal, eh?


Well, I'm a graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design. With almost 10 years experience, I've worked the large agency life, independent shops, and most recently found my love for freelancing. I've worked on a variety of projects, some with budgets to laugh at and others up to a half million big ones. All with the same passion and love for creative thinking.


My experience, resources and passion to think creatively can help your business and your clients. I've got a knack for great design and a love for health, fitness and even spend my free time teaching yoga, keeping my physical body as strong as my mental one. I've been known to reach those “ah ha” moments after a good dose of endorphins.


What's with the name?







Being the extreme optimist that I am, I decided to play off the "good job", "way to go" and ultimately, "attagirl" phrasing. So, I thought I would create my own term for an Ad Girl in the marketing industry doing high-quality work. There are times I can be a little (okay, a lot) sarcastic and a little bit cheesy, so I thought, why not brand it? 


What once was a fully male-driven industry is no longer. I pride my many creative sisters for making waves and demonstrating the strength and talents so many have. I hope to help continue on this journey and show you what this girl can do.  


So, with a whole lotta love and ideas to share with the world, it took just a few strokes of a pencil and some clicks and pixels later Addagirl was then born.   

Let's get to know eachother.