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Who's da girl?

Hello, Raelee Annett here and I'm so excited to meet you!
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I’m the brand whisperer - the marketing specialist and founder of Addagirl Design, with more experience navigating the wild world of branding, advertising, website design and marketing than a seasoned sea captain. I’ve spent over 14 years slinging big ideas at big-ticket advertising agencies and 100k a year clients to mom-and-pop shops and budget-less boutiques. I’ve got the tricks of the trade and the portfolio to prove it. I’ve taken drab brands and turned them into dazzling masterpieces with my tried-and-true methods, and now, I’m ready to spill the beans to you, lucky lucky souls.


I’m an adventurer, mother, entrepreneur, and founder of a few companies and even a charity. I’m a strong woman in the workplace, and maybe the praise of “Attagirl” go to my head when it comes to my own brand. There are times I can be a little (okay, a lot) sarcastic and a little bit cheesy, so I thought, why not brand it? But, hey, I’ve got a lot to share and can't wait for us to no longer be strangers.  So follow me on your favorite social platform, but for the really good stuff...I mean the cream of the crop marketing secret goodness, join my 100% non-spammy email list... or just reach out via email and contact me to simply say hi. 

3 Things you may not know about me


This marketing professional and graphic designer grew up with a background in competitive gymnastics. Yup, that's right, I was tossing and flipping my way to branding greatness before I even knew what branding was! I mean, if you can stick a landing on a balance beam, you can definitely stick a landing on a brand strategy, right?

I then spent some time coaching gymnastics as I worked my way through art school. I'm basically a natural-born leader. So, naturally, I bring all those coaching skills to the table when teaching companies, entrepreneurs, and people how to bring branding and marketing into their businesses - move over, Simone Biles!


In my free time, I co-started and run a charity called "Play-it-Forward." It's where I get to live out my love of giving back to underprivileged communities. I mean, sure, branding can make a company a lot of money, but it's all about balance, right? I gotta give back. I have always found the more I give, the more fulfilled I truly become.  


I took a break from the big corporate advertising agency life as an art director to go live on an island in Thailand - yep, I'm basically living out every basic influencer's dream before influencers were a thing. But seriously, it was a transformative experience that helped me get in touch with myself and discover secrets to manifesting the life you've always wanted. I am still amazed today at how often I use these skills in my everyday life. 


Work With Me

You’re ready to make a big impact with your business and brand, and you want a partner that will hold your hand throughout the process. I offer a no-fuss al-a-carte solution that can take you from business planning, and branding, to having a polished site, ongoing strategy, and marketing the word to the world. 



 Let me work my magic and set you up for success with my Full-Service Design Set-Up package. I'll create all the templates and assets specifically branded for your company. Everything you need to get started and I'll even provide you with foolproof SOPs and strategies to ensure your business becomes self-sustaining and easily manageable.

*This is a one-time fee.



When it comes to design, one size doesn't fit all. That's why I offer Bespoke Design Packages on a Per Project Basis. Whether you need a new logo, website, or marketing materials, I'll quote on each project to ensure you get exactly what you need at a fair price. Let's create something tailor-made just for you!



Sign up for my Monthly Contract and let's make magic happen consistently! With a 3-month minimum commitment, you'll get my services at a lower rate. Together, we'll take your brand to the next level and make your competitors jealous.

*Limited spots available


Introducing my DIY Marketing Resource Line - the perfect solution for those with champagne taste on a beer budget! With a wide range of tools at your disposal, you can create a brand that's uniquely yours, without spending a fortune. Plus, I'm always adding new resources every month to keep things fresh and exciting.

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