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Marks Flyer: Art Direction


Marks Leading Apparel Brand

Addagirl Design Art Direction Marks Flyer


The client, a highly established apparel brand, faced a significant challenge in presenting their extensive flyer program in a limited timeframe. With a keen eye for detail and a specific vision, they sought to elevate their visual identity through a series of on and off-figure photoshoots, as well as precise flyer layout and art direction. This required meticulous planning, including location sourcing, model selection, and ensuring impeccable lighting to accentuate the clothing.

Solution: As the lead Art Director, I spearheaded the project, leveraging my expertise in apparel photography and design. Working closely with the client, I meticulously curated each aspect of the photoshoots, ensuring that every item was presented in its best light. From selecting suitable models to sourcing ideal locations, every decision was made with the client's unique preferences and vision in mind.


The project was a success. The meticulously curated photoshoots, coupled with precise flyer layouts and art direction, successfully showcased the extensive product line. The client was not only pleased with the outcome but also noted a significant positive response from their customer base. The project met the client's expectations, solidifying a successful partnership and setting a standard for their visual presentation.

This project exemplifies the power of collaborative creativity and meticulous execution in overcoming challenges and achieving exceptional results.

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