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Brand Kits

Because a DIY brand doesn't have to look DIY. Be the professional designer you always wanted to hire with all the assets and tools you need to get your brand started.

The ultimate solution to create a stunning brand without sacrificing your entire budget. 

These modular, custom Canva templates are meticulously crafted. Say goodbye to compromise and embrace the power of professional-grade design within your budgetary limits.

Within each kit, you will discover a comprehensive set of essential elements and resources required to establish your brand with the polish and finesse of a seasoned professional. 

Visual Identity Bundle
  • Customizable Logo starter package 
  • Alternative layout logo
  • BW logo
  • Favicon
  • Mood board
  • Brand board
  • Elements + Icons
  • Inspired Font Selections
  • 9 Branded Pretty Patterns

What's Inside?


mockup copy.png


Also included

Print + Digital Bundle
  • 4 Customizable business card fronts
  • 4 Customizable business card backs
  • 6 Email signature designs


And more

Social Media Bundle
  • Social Media Branded PNG Icons
  • 35 Square Social Customizable Post Designs
  • 8 Instagram Highlight Cover Designs
  • 3 Square 5 slide+ Carousel Designs


How it works

Pick + download a Brand Kit from my shop
(New ones added often)

Your digital treasure trove awaits with a zip file that includes everything you need. Inside, you'll find a PDF loaded with links to your Canva templates. Oh, and here's a secret: you don't need a Canva Pro account, the free one will do just fine, unless you want to unlock a whole world of extra goodies. 


Don't let your brand be a copycat! Unleash your unique style and make it truly yours. Get ready to play with funky patterns, eye-popping fonts, and vibrant colors that scream "me!" Don't be shy, add your own awesome content and let your inner designer go wild. It's your time to shine and stand out from the crowd! Let's get creative!

Export + Use

With just a few clicks, export and unleash your assets onto your social media platforms, landing pages, opt-ins, and beyond. Need a pro tip? Supercharge your marketing game by using these templates to batch-create a whole universe of assets in a blink of an eye. Get ready to conquer the digital realm with style and efficiency!

Get Inspired!


The wait is over. Be one of the first to own the latest Brand Kit theme: Retro Surf 


Brand Kit Templates

Visual Identity Bundle - $3,000
Print + Digital Bundle - $500
Social Media Bundle -  $1,500
Total: $5,000
Now only $297!

*Limited Time Offer


Brand Design
Elevating Your Business Identity

Brand Strategy Groundwork
Visual Identity Bundle
Delivered in 2-3 weeks

Contact for a free consult

No two businesses are the same 
A La Carte

Something missing from the list? Check out the additional services I offer or book a consult for something complettely custom to you and your company. 
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