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VIP 24hr Intensive

Get great design in one day!

Design SOS! I've got your back. 

With over 14 brand-tastic years of experience, I now offer a VIP experience. It's made for the modern business that needs bespoke design and needs it like, yesterday. 

This intensive day is perfect for you if you know what you like, are ready to collaborate, you're decisive, have the authority to make final sign-offs, have a vision, and are ready to make an impact with a fancy new brand in record time.

It might not be the right fit if you're in need of stakeholder input, haven't quite nailed down your target audience, or are still figuring out your business goals. While the 24-hour intensive may not be the perfect fit for your current stage, I'm here to guide you on your brand-building journey. Let's connect for a free consultation and together, we'll uncover the steps needed to get you to the right place to unleash your brand's potential!

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Benefits of VIP

Super Speed
  • Files delivered in 24 hours
  • Professional design in a condensed time
  • Live collaboration
  • Real-time feedback + edits
  • Priority service (Yup, it's all about you)
  • You become part of the process

*This package might NOT be for you if...

  • You have not defined your audience
  • You don't know who your competitors are
  • You don't yet have a business name
  • You don't have the authority to make business decisions or need a group of stakeholders to have input
  • You like to take time to think things over or share with others

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What's included?

Digital Visual Identity Files
  • A suite of logos (Primary, Alt, Inverse, BW, Favicon)
  • Custom Color Palette
  • Mood Board
  • Brand Board
  • Elements + Icons
  • Inspired Font Selection
  • Brand Guidelines Book
  • *BONUS* Business Card Design

The Process


Before we can begin I need to make sure I have complete clarity of your business, audience, competitors, industry and values. Your homework will be a brief questionnaire.

Your VIP Day

Step one, we hop on a call, I will share my screen and we can review font options and captivating graphic queues. 

Then we'll set the stage with some strategy.  I'll conjure up some design magic and review rough ideas. You can unleash your inner perfectionist, for you will have unlimited edits within our agreed-upon timeframe. Together, we will mold and refine until the vision is flawlessly realized.

At the end of day one, you'll receive a PDF of the brand direction and once you've given your final approval, the true enchantment begins!


I'll wiz-bang the design files, ensuring they're polished to perfection and neatly organized in tidy folders. These treasures shall be swiftly delivered to you through WeTransfer, ready for you  within a mere 24 hours of sign-off. Your brand shall sparkle and shine like never before!

Should you desire additional edits beyond this point, fear not. My esteemed VIP members can request additional tweaks available at a discounted hourly rate.

24hr Intensive
Rapid Brand Transformation

Condensed version of my design services with files in 24 hours from approval! 

*Limited Spaces Available


Brand Design
Elevating Your Business Identity

Brand Strategy Groundwork
Visual Identity Bundle
Delivered in 2-3 weeks

Contact for a free consult

No Budget, No Problem
DIY Brand Starter Kit

Be the designer you always wanted to hire with tools to set you up for success. These done-for-you Brand Starter Kit will save you hundreds of hours and is the ultimate solution to get stunning design without sacrificing your entire budget. 
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