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Video Contest Campaign Case Study

Updated: May 26, 2018

A few years ago I was an employee of McCann in Calgary and got to be the lead Art Director on this amazing project to help sell winter tires for Certified Service (previously known as Goodwrench).

The Objective:

Sell winter tires while promoting safe driving. In order to educate Western Canada on what safety was we came up with GM’s first-ever all digital campaign showing viewers exactly what it wasn’t by using one of the most dangerous sports as our archetype. Here’s a peak in to how we did it. 

The Case Study:

The Video:

Based on direction from our Dealer Marketing Group, we were tasked with developing a fully digital campaign that would be entertaining and engaging for the user but also drive traffic, impressions and awareness.

The resulting “Don’t Be a Luger” campaign is comprised of eight videos featuring Canadian Olympic Luge athlete, Sam Edney. In the videos, Sam helped us demonstrate the importance of having Winter Tires when driving on the roads during the winter months. Take a look and you’ll see what we mean:

All campaign videos support our Goodwrench Winter Tire Giveaway Contest website and can also be found on YouTube and integrated into the various campaign media executions.

Along the way, we were delighted to team up with major Tire Supplier, General Tire, who agreed to provide us a set of Winter Tires for each Goodwrench dealership across Western Canada – that’s 169 sets of General Tire Altimax Arctic winter tires of any size to be given away. The Western Goodwrench Fall/Winter Giveaway Campaign runs from October 14th, 2013 until December 31st, 2013.

The Collateral:

Luger 2.0

This campaign was so successful we were hired on to carry it out for a second year. Luger 2.0 was introduced including website, videos, social media, banner ads, YouTube pre-rolls, contests, mobile and email to customers. The resulting campaign is comprised of five videos featuring Canadian Olympic luge athete, Sam Edney approaching unexpecting people waling to their vehicles. in the videos, Sam helped us demonstrate the dangerous sliding effect of not having witner tires when driving on the roads during the winter months. The videos freeze half way through, enticing you to click forth to watch the slider continue to hurl their bodies down a slippery luge track. 

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