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Oh, Hey There

My name is Raelee Annett

I’m a brand whisperer - a marketing specialist and founder of Addagirl Design, with more experience navigating the wild world of branding, advertising, and marketing than a seasoned sea captain.  Let's get to know each other. 


It's my mission is to create valuable resources that help entrepreneurs like you, elevate your brand and help look, act, and be a successful, profitable business so you can concentrate on what really matters... your clients.

Raelee Annett Addagirl Design


Sure, I can build you a bangin' logo, website or marketing plan that will make your competitors green with envy. And I've been so fortunate to have been a part of some amazing award-winning projects but...

What  I REALLY have a true passion for is helping businesses grow their brand by teaching, mentoring, and coaching that yield results. I have created a library of resources to help you design your brand without paying the high designer costs.

So, check out my latest freebie download, and stay tuned for many more business-elevating, game-changing, insider marketing assets where I share my tried-and-true methods. I’m ready to spill the beans and make them all available to you, you lucky lucky souls.


Brand Design, Brand Workshops, Templates,

Print Media, Package design

...Raelee led the communication and social networking program for Falkbuilt/Echo during the initial four years and responded to all the challenges in a truly exceptional manner. She learned and understood the distinct value and vision (a whole new idea) we were bringing to the market and working together with our team, she created a platform that will sustain itself for years to come...

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