Art Direction

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Graphic Design

Art Direction

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Graphic Design



Making the world more functional through good design one project at a time.

The line between Design and Art Direction is more and more blurred today. So, I'm constantly adapting, changing and growing in this field. I consider myself a constant student and am always listening to the hottest audiobook or webinar while adding new skills to my resume. Though I'd never claim to be an expert in every field, Graphic Design and Art Direction are my true callings and make me click my heels with excitement. 



Brand +


Logo Design
Brand Identity Design
Brand Strategy Workshops
Brand Guidelines
Mission and Brand Statements
Art Direction / Styling

Finding the Essence!

Graphic               Design

Interior / Exterior Signage
Package Design
Editorial / Publication Design
Branded Swag
Business Cards + Letterhead
Book Design
Website Design

Photoshopping Exes out of Pictures

You name it, I'll make it look pretty!



Print and Digital Campaign Strategy

Creative Concept Development

Print Production

Photoshoot Direction

Photoshop Guru

Social Strategy

TV & Video Storyboarding

TV & Video Direction

Event Strategy

I think and hard!


Her wonderful positive spirit and was a great addition to group brainstorm sessions and presentations. She's not afraid to share ideas and get her hands dirty diving into a new project and, in the end, her work has a beautiful, well-polished aesthetic. There was definitely a positive shift in our brand aesthetic and it was great to see her infuse some new, forward-thinking ideas.

Caitlyn Snow | Triple Flip Clothing / Designer

Just a taste of

a few projects

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Brand Identity

Digital Newsletter


Event Invitation

Interactive Mobile Ad

Magazine Design

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