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My thoughts on the term "think different"

Updated: May 26, 2018

"Think Different" is a term used by every company and agency today. It's an overused buzz word. But, what does "different" actually mean if everyone does it? I'd like to re-define this as I don't think different! I "think indirectly"! Why is this a good thing? If you make a goal, let's say of making money, shouldn't you aim to make money? My ultimate answer is NO. You may think I'm crazy and this may defy all human logic, but it derives from value, and value derives from helping people. It's been to my experience over and over as long as I can truly help somebody in some way, design or otherwise, achieving those goals will follow.

Nature never moves in straight lines, and neither do creatives. We truly are a special breed, that when confined to 4 white walls and a task, it's rare it will be at it's best when you're locked to a desk between the hours of 9-5. The creative mind is constantly working, creating and flourishing. This is not just a job for me. This is a lifestyle! I choose to live every day as a creative mind, allowing the world to help me cross paths with my next project where I can make a difference. Maybe that's why you stumbled across my website today.

Maybe it's not an accident you're here. Maybe this is the first step in us connecting, creating together and getting to your goal in ways you may have never thought of. I'm a girl that loves using her own talents and gifts in an indirect way to help others, so they can reach success in their business.


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