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Oh, hey there!

I'm Raelee, the founder of Addagirl Design.  I'm a creative entrepreneur looking to help those who are invested in streamlining their business's mission, process, and visual identity.

Clickng Heels

ah ha!

Art Direction

From brand design packages, to fully integrated ad campaigns, this girl offers the highest quality strategic thinking that will stand out in the marketplace. 




Web Design

With modern day user experience in mind, this girl not only can design but build beautiful and competitive websites that make heads turn and wallets open.

Raelee is one of the most passionate designers that I've had the pleasure of working with. She has a vast understanding of solving the biggest marketing challenges in a timely manner and a constant positive attitude. I've never met a more free-spirited, puppy loving, passionate person that provided such outstanding results.

Elizabeth Nunes / Triple Flip Clothing

Social Media

We all need it to keep our businesses afloat in these ever-changing interwebs. This girl's got the strategy that will help keep you relevant in the social world.

Ideas That Count


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